Why use proxy?

Social networks as well as news websites getting censored in many countries around the world. Thus, people are using this proxy server to bypass censorships and internet filtering by authorities. Last but not least a webproxy like this is getting used to get around the network restrictions in case a website was blocked by network administrator in the school or the workplace.


Why choose China-Proxy.org?

By using China-Proxy.Org you enjoy the full speed of a 1000 megabits per second (1 Gbit/s) connection!

No speed limit!

No File Size limit!

No Ads or trackers on Anonymized pages!

No Fees!

Without any tricks!

Secure, Anonymous and Free of Charge!

It's free and limitless!



How to use a Proxy server?

Depending on Proxy server there are many different ways to use a Proxy.

A Web based proxy like Chinese proxy is a public proxy server and can be used only for fetching web sites or files via Internet Browser.

This Online proxy site is a Great alternative to hide my ass or Anonymouse Internet Privacy Protection services because such famous Anonymizers are blocked by default on the most Public spots and Educational Networks.

Like any other Anonymizing Online services also china web proxy site can be used to surf the web Uncensored. Use China server as YouTube proxy for watching videos unfiltered or Facebook proxy to login Facebook and another Social Networks Anonymous without restrictions. Also Email accounts like Hotmail, GMX and Mail.com. A Gmail proxy is also implemented inside this site and can be used Anonymously.

Of course not only Anonymous surfing is possible, a proxy server site like this can be used as a reverse proxy for changing the geo location of Computer.

To setup an Internet Browser for using http Proxy server without visit a proxy site like this, the user is required to change the Proxy settings inside web browser software.

Do you offer free proxy servers list?

Yes, here is a List of Free Anonymous proxies which can be used for Internet Surfing only.

To setup Software applications for using Proxy server it is required to get a SOCKS proxy. A SOCKS proxy is needed for Heavy traffic programs like File sharing clients, Download Managers, Instant Messengers and Video Streaming.

To start using SOCKS Proxy for Software, go to Proxy settings of currently used Software and give a SOCKS IP number inside the form.

Feel free and grab the working Proxies list below. This proxy server list is refreshed every 30 minutes. There are four types of proxies lists available, Transparent http web proxies (fastest servers), High Anonymous proxies (Elite Proxies servers), SOCK4 (Proxies for Filesharing and Downloading files), SOCKS5 (Proxies for Instant messengers and any other software running via Proxy server).

Our services

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China Proxy - The Online Freedom Service!

What does China-Proxy.org?

China proxy org is a web based proxy anonymizer that helps anyone to change real IP address of a Computer and circumvent this way the restrictions based on IP address or Geolocation where the computer is based.

After changing the IP address of a computer, firewall systems and censorship mechanisms can be tricked because they no longer can identify this particular user on a unique internet protocol number assigned to this user.

What is a Proxy?

Proxy server is just another Computer which is usually located in a data center and is awaiting commands from the outside.

For Example, China Proxy org is waiting for commands like "Fetch a Website from the Internet and send it to my Computer at Home".

To fetch a website by using Proxy China a visitor needs to give the required website address into the url form and press "Start" button.

What is the main goal of Proxy-China.org?

Proxy-China.org was initially created to unblock Youtube videos and browse FaceBook even if it is blocked for some reason in a country. Meanwhile, Proxy-China is being used by people from different countries to gain access to a wide variety of websites on the internet.

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Why Change IP address?

The desire to Change the IP address of currently used Computer has a variety of reasons.

The most common reasons to use China Proxy org are:

To bypass restrictions based on IP address of a user. The most Firewalls and Filters do block Internet user via IP address so it helps to avoid filtering when a Internet user changes own IP address.

To Access contents which are not available due to location where the website was requested. Many websites offering additional features which are not available for all countries such as "Movies" section on YouTube website.

To get access to such features a visitor need to surf on YouTube from a Country which is cappable to access the "Movies" feature or the user can use a web based proxy like China Proxy org.

To avoid Internet Censors and Web Filtering.
The Internet in different Countries is not the same. Also the search results provided by Google search may vary depending on Country where a user is located.
To uncensor the Google search results a user is forced to move to a Country without Internet censorship or to use a web proxy like China Proxy org. To stay Anonymous while browsing the Internet and improve the Online Privacy. Every IP address is Unique. No Internet Protocol Number can appear more as Once on the Internet.
Therefore, an IP Address is Only a useful trace and evidence which can prove, that a Internet user has visited a website.
When a user browsing the Web Many Internet users prefer to stay Anonymous Online because they living in Countries without Freedom of Speech.
Such Internet users need more personal privacy on the web because such surfer can harm their Life by writing a personal opinion on a Internet or Social Network.
A Lot of users want to remain invisible on Internet because of surfing awkward websites to satisfy their personal desires without a wish to share it with their social environment. A layer of especially web privacy will give more Piece of Mind to particular Internet user.
Also many Internet surfers are paranoidal and prefer to Protect their Privacy on Internet to ensure, that nobody can trace back the real person behind a Computer.

How does China Proxy org change the Actual IP number of a Computer?

Chinese proxy server works like any another proxy server or anonymous web surfing facility this days, it fetches the web contents and forward it to Computer of a web proxies user who requested these contents.
From the perspective of a web server, only the IP address of Proxy server is visible as actual visitor.

Anonymous proxy server is switched between Computer and Website which save all IP addresses requesting contents of this website. This makes the online anonymity possible because all requests are made by a proxy server website and not from Computer at Home, School or Office.

Only the Information, leaving on visited website is the IP number of web proxy server and not the IP number of Computer which requested this website.
This allow a Internet user request websites anonymous from the Internet.

China web proxy can download as well as upload files to the Internet. This fast anonymous proxy server helps you also to Download files with high speed using a blazing fast Wi-Fi Network of this Proxy Service.
A Web proxy like this can also help to hide Static and Dynamic IP address.

Also a Dynamic IP can not confuse the Government Investigations to track back a particular Intenet user.
The ISP provider who lease a Dynamic IP number saves the user who used this Dynamic IP in a particular Time period.

For example: Jon Doe used a Dynamic IP 258.852.456.654 from 22:06 to 23:46 after this time period he did reconnect his Router or Modem and leased a New Dynamic IP 753.951.183.927 which he used from 23.46 to 00:52.
This Information will reveal the true Internet user behind a Dynamic IP address.

Configure a Web Browser for using a Proxy server.

Google Chrome proxy configuration.
Go to Preferences -> Options -> Under the Hood. Press the Button "Network" -> Change proxy settings -> Settings. Tick the Box "use a proxy server for this connection" and give a Proxy server IP number inside the Form. Give the Port number inside the Form at right.

Internet Explorer proxy configuration.
Go to Options -> Connection -> Settings -> Tick the Box "use a proxy server for this connection". Give a Proxy server IP adress inside the Form. Give the Port number inside the Form at right.

Firefox proxy configuration.
Go to Tools -> Connection -> Settings -> Tick the Box "Manual proxy configuration". Give a Proxy server IP number inside the Form. Give the Proxy Port inside the Form at right.

Opera proxy configuration.
Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Network -> Proxy Servers -> Check the Box "HTTP". Give a Proxy server number inside the Form. Give the Port Number inside the at Right. Where to get a Working Online Proxy server? To configure a Internet Browser for bypassing all connections via Proxy server, the user is required to give a Proxy Server IP number.